Grant Guidelines and Important Dates

Guidelines for Awarding Grants

  • Submit an Online Grant Application by September 15th.
  • Grants are limited to one per teacher.
  • Eligible applicants must be certified personnel of the Millington Municipal School District.
  • The maximum amount of each grant is $750.00.
  • If project requires more than &750.00, applicant is to state how they plan to make up the difference.
  • Upon acceptance of the grant, a Grant Agreement must be received via emailed to the Millington Education Foundation by October 15th.
  • Upon completion of the grant, a Grant Evaluation must be emailed to the Millington Education Foundation by April 1st the following year.
  • Grants are written to enhance student achievement and therefore grants cannot be used for salaries, food, seminars, honorarium travel, workshops, furniture or personal use.
  • Grants will not be awarded for field trips.
  • Grant recipients agree that all materials and equipment funded by the grant become the property of Millington Municipal Schools.
  • Grant recipients should return any unused funds over $20.00 to Millington Education Foundation by April 1st. Amounts less than $20.00 should be used for classroom materials by grantees discretion.

Review Process

A committee of the directors of the MEF will review all applications.   Grants will be awarded based on quality and need of the projects/programs. Grants that directly benefit diverse or large numbers of students and/or incorporate matching funds and community resources will be given preference. The number of grant awards is dependent upon the number of applications received and the amount of available funds for grants. The committee will provide the board with their recommendations. The Board will make the final approval.

Important Dates

August 1st – September 15th – Grant Applications accepted

October 1st – All applicants will be notified. 

October 15th – Grant Agreement Due

April 1st – Grant Evaluation Due