Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to receive a Millington Education Foundation Grant?  Eligible applicants must be certified personnel of the Millington Municipal School District.
  2. What is the  maximum grant amount awarded?  The maximum amount of each grant is $750.00.
  3. Who makes the decision as to who receives a grant?  A Grant Review Committee selected from the Millington Education Foundation Board reviews all Grant Applications then provides the Board of Directors with their recommendations. The Board makes the final approval.
  4. When will the funds be awarded to the sponsored applicants?  Successful applicants are notified by November 15th.
  5. What are the expenses that are not covered in the grant guidelines?  Grants cannot be used to fund salaries, food, seminars, workshops, or furniture. Grants cannot not be used for field trips or for personal use.
  6. Who owns the materials and equipment funded by the grant?  Grant recipients must agree that all materials and equipment funded by the grant become the property of Millington Municipal Schools.
  7. What documentation is required of me if I am awarded a grant?  1) Grant Acceptance form that is due by December 1st  2) Grant Evaluation that is due by April 1st of following year

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