Important Dates:

October 1st – All applicants will be notified. 

October 15th – Grant Agreements Due

April 1st – Grant Evaluations Due



One way the Millington Education Foundation's mission is accomplished is through a Grant Program available to all teachers in the Millington Municipal Schools each year. These grants are used to carry out innovative projects that enrich the standard curriculum in ways that directly affect students’ day-to-day classroom experiences as well as improve the education system as a whole.

Event Registration

Event Registration Our Fundraising Events are community based events working together to raise funds to assist educators in achieving educational goals through our Grant Awards program.


The Millington Education Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to create an awareness of education among parents, businesses and the community and to engage in such charitable and educational activities as are permitted by and consistent with the Foundation's 501(c)(3) tax status.

Millington Education Foundation

 Our Mission

The mission statement of the Millington Education Foundation is to generate and distribute resources for the benefit of the Millington Schools to enrich, maintain and expand programs needed to meet the schools stated mission of excellence in education.

Our Goals

  • Promote and enhance educational excellence by providing independent funding that would not typically be covered by the school budget for worthy educational projects, enrichment programs, and other educational initiatives beyond the standard curriculum.
  •  Foster a culture of excellence in the Millington Schools by inspiring students and supporting teachers with innovative learning opportunities.
  •  Enrich the public school curriculum with programs and activities that expose students to diverse learning experiences, and challenge students to reach well beyond their current abilities.
  • Offer members of the Millington community a channel to contribute to education and strengthen the future of our City.
You can  learn more about us, review our grant guidelines, complete and submit a grant application  or contact us  by clicking the appropriate page.